5th GeneratiOn Security for Telecom Services

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Improving Security of service-based implementations of 5G networks

5GhOSTS will analyze and improve the security of service-based implementations of 5G networks, relevant to protect the EU’s critical communication infrastructure. Starting from the emerging 3GPP's service-based architecture for 5G networks, which includes virtualization of mobile and core network functions, the project aims to improve the security of virtualization technologies: containers, lightweight Virtual Machines and orchestration frameworks. Unlike previous evolutions in the telecommunications sector, the 5th Generation of Telecommunication Systems (5G) presents diverse and novel requirements for technologies such as heterogeneous air interfaces, Software Defined Networking, Network Functions Virtualization, Mobile Edge Computing and Fog Computing, as well as algorithms to optimize the management of such complex networks. As a result, the 5G evolution will mainly built on layers of software services. The telecom industry is migrating to virtualized and orchestrated environments, allowing the deployment of Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) on cloud infrastructure enabling the concept of network slicing. The main motivation driver for this move is sustainability through cost and energy reduction as well as full automation of telecom systems operations facilitating dynamic and scalable adaptation to service demands. State-of-the-art light-weight virtualization and container orchestration frameworks clearly contribute to this driver, but do not meet the stringent security requirements of telecommunication systems.

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26 Oct 2021

Security challenges in Kubernetes

A weakness of Kubernetes is however security. In the above survey, 54% of the respondents said that security is the greatest challenge for their organization. Security is difficult to handle because it is not implemented by a single system component but by multiple system layers in the Kubernetes stack (cloud, clusters, containers, and application code).
23 Aug 2021

5GhOSTS explained to the tax payer

The 5GhOSTS project aims to improve the security of container-based cluster orchestration in the edge of 5G networks. Before explaining the security challenges and how 5GhOSTS intends to tackle these challenges, this blog article will first explain what is meant with “container-based cluster orchestration in the edge”.